You Cannot Escape Being Noticed

 Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet.
     - Luke 8:47

This story (Luke 8:40-48) takes a turn when the woman realizes that she can't hide anymore. She had been sick for twelve years, and she started those twelve years trying to get doctors to notice her - but they didn't (at least in any way that helped). Then she ended those twelve years trying to go unnoticed because she was technically 'unclean' and wasn't allowed in proper society.

But when she ran into Jesus, she could hide no more. The scripture puts it so clearly: "she could not go unnoticed." That's just how Jesus is. He can't not notice you. And, as this verse and so many others point out, he pays especially close attention to those in need. Jesus truly sees her.

Have you ever felt truly, deeply seen? Today Jesus is noticing you, even as you read this devotion. You cannot escape being noticed! Talk with him about being seen - even if it causes you discomfort like the bleeding woman. (Ask him what he notices about you!)