Jesus Gave Her the Microphone

In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched Jesus and how she had been instantly healed. - Luke 8:47

Jesus called out this woman and gave her the microphone. This huge crowd that didn't even give her the time of day is now sitting down and listening to her talk. In one of the other Gospels it says that she told "the whole story," which was twelve years full of suffering. This was not a short break - this was testimonial time and Jesus made sure she got it all out there.

Of course, it would have been incredibly intimidating for her to speak to the very people who judged her, but somehow with Jesus there beside her it was possible. I can only imagine how freeing it would have been to finally unload all the suffering and to let it come to light - and to know that Jesus was right there protecting her, encouraging her, and reintroducing her into community. After all, he was the One who had healed her so she could trust him.

Where are the places in your life where you've been hiding part of your story? Can you hear Jesus calling you to tell it all? (and who might need to share some of their story with you today?)