How Might God Want to Re-Parent You?

When Israel was a child, I loved him,  and out of Egypt I called my son... 
 - Hosea 11:1

The message from yesterday (you can listen to the podcast here) talked a lot about how God cares for us, loves us, and re-parents us through others.  

So many of us have imperfect parents.  Well, ok, all of us do.  God is in the business of re-parenting us.  He does so in love (Hosea 1:1) and by calling us new names instead of the poor ones we were given before.  Besides the terrible, hurtful names like "stupid" or "ugly" or "damaged" there are other names like "athlete" or "valedictorian" that we've been named and have found our identity in.  God is calling us out of those Egypts (Hosea 1:1) and into being his beloved one, his prize, his joy.  

How might God be wanting to re-parent you?  What painful or empty names would he want to replace?  Can you hear him calling you in love?