Willing to Weep

Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. - John 20:11

On Sunday Brenna talked about how weeping is often a prerequisite to hope. Until we face reality, we can’t have a hope that’s real - instead we’re just stuck with wishful thinking. Too often we’re content with this kind of flimsy hope because it’s such hard work to face reality. 

To look at the world as it really is evokes a lot of sadness. The poverty, racism, oppression, ignorance, and despair can overwhelm us. And then there’s looking at the reality inside of our own hearts: our loneliness, selfishness, roundedness, insecurities and deception. 

No wonder Mary wept outside the tomb - without Jesus, who had saved her from her own demons and who had begun setting the word to rights, there was plenty to weep over. But those tears and that willingness to show up at the tomb were what got her close to Jesus and ready to embrace him. 

What causes you to weep? Is there away to connect with your deep sadness, and to do it with Jesus, so that he can be the one who brings true hope into your life?