Who Is The Outsider?

I’m here inviting outsiders, not insiders—an invitation to a changed life, changed inside and out. - Luke 5:32, The Message

Jesus can't stop from welcoming in outsiders. It was his mission, after all, since we were all outside of God's grace and needed someone to remind us to come home.

But as Cody said on Sunday, there's something about being human that makes us create outsiders instead of welcoming outsiders. Throughout history, every single culture has created someone who is 'other' in order to have an enemy or to feel better about themselves or to help organize their society. And we still do this today, as is easy to see in how our political leaders often speak.

Jesus sees things differently. He doesn't see the 'other' in people, he sees their humanity. Today, as an exercise in seeing and celebrating the humanity in the 'other' we are going to take three minutes to watch this inspirational video, which is a picture of how Jesus would treat people today. Then pray about your day and how you might follow Jesus's example of welcoming the 'other.'