What the Father Says

‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.' - Luke 15:31

Even though the older son has been blustering about, blaming his brother, ranting at his father, trying to power up to make himself feel better, and generally showing a lot of immaturity and insecurity, the Father refuses to be angry with him. The Father refuses to be the sort of father that the older son thought he was (one who was a harsh task-master and demanded perfection). And the father refuses to act like the older son, who dehumanized his brother, who played the victim, and who distanced himself from others.

Instead, the father calls him "my son" - just like he called the younger brother "my son." That's just what the Father does. He lays claim to us. He does not dismiss us or discard us. 

Perhaps you could take a few minutes in silence today, seeking to be aware of how much like you are the older brother and then seeking all the more to be aware of the father wanting to give you his blessing. Can you hear God calling you "My son"? "My daughter?"