Walking in Wisdom

Walk with the wise and become wise; a companion of fools suffers harm. - Proverbs 13:20

Wisdom has a way of rubbing off on us, as does foolishness. It actually matters who you spend your time with, who you look up to (which includes who you follow on social media, for example). Wisdom starts in choosing to be around wise people.

And what if we thought of wisdom not just as an accumulation of knowledge or the best approach to making decisions - but what if instead it was based in a clear, humble, and discerning understanding of your own self? That would mean, according to this parable, that the more you spend time with those who are self-aware and present to themselves and their world (and their God!), the more aware you will become to yourself, to the world, and to God.

So try that definition of wisdom on for today… and see how God might meet you on the journey of becoming who you were meant to be.