Walk With The Wise...

“Walk with the wise and become wise,” (Proverbs 13:20) is one of many invitations to learn from those whose experience differs from our own and to gain maturity by letting them instruct us. On Sunday we listened briefly to Whitney Parnell, who grew up between Latin America and West Africa as the child of a Foreign Service Officer. She’s now a Christian leader and activist fighting injustice here in the U.S.

Read through this article by Whitney and really try to listen to her, asking God to speak to you. How have people sought to silence her, pacify her, or limit her? Have you had that experience? Have you done that to others? How do you relate to her insights about truth and grace being wedded together?

If it’s a helpful reminder, keep this image in mind, about how Jesus always shows up where people have been pushed out of the center of privilege to the margins.

Jesus at the Margins1.png
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