The Hardest Questions in the Bible

Sometimes we get the vibe from religious people that it’s not okay to doubt in the midst of suffering and that it’s sacrilegious to question God in the midst of pain. But that’s not how people in the Bible faced suffering. Today, reflect on this insight from Rachel Held Evans (in Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church) and then take some time pondering the following questions that people asked God.

There is nothing nominal or lukewarm or indifferent about standing in this hurricane of questions every day and staring each one down until you've mustered all the bravery and fortitude and trust it takes to whisper just one of them out loud” - Rachel Held Evans

"How long will you hide your face from me?" Psalm 13:1
(I’m tired of feeling disconnected from you, God)

“Does it make you happy when you crush me?” Job 10:3
(I’m mad at you for how bad things are and I’m blaming you, God)

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Mark 15:34
(I feel alone and that you’ve given up on me, God)

"Whom have you ever treated like this?" Lamentations 2:20
(My suffering is unique - no one else could understand)

"Lord, will you slay an innocent people?" Genesis 20:4
(You are supposed to be good, God, so why are you acting bad?)

"Why do you tolerate wrong?" Habakkuk 1:3
(The world is such a mess and still you don’t do anything to fix it!)

"Why is life given to a man, whose way is hidden, whom God has hedged in?"  Job 3:23
(It seems like there’s no purpose in this world, God, and you’re not helping)

"What do I still lack?"  Matthew 19:20
(I’ve tried everything I can, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for)