Mercy Over Judgment

Mercy triumphs over judgment.
     - James 2:13

In four short words, James summarizes Jesus's approach to human beings. There's plenty in our lives, our churches, our communities, and our countries that is worthy of judgment. But that's not how Jesus approaches us. 

Instead, as he did in Nazareth (in Luke 4:14-30, which we've been looking at this week), Jesus leads out with the good news. He pushes people's buttons, challenging them to become as merciful as he was - but that backfired, and they tried to kill him (Luke 4:29). But even then, Jesus did not lift a hand against them. Mercy continued to triumph over judgment. Instead, Jesus would die for the very people in Nazareth who rejected him and tried to throw him off a cliff.

What might it look like for you today to practice mercy that triumphs over judgment? Talk with God about that (and thank God that mercy triumphs over judgment for you).

p.s. Please continue to pray for Kids Camp! It's been an amazing week - and a very tiring one!