Legalism Is Easy

Whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.
        - Romans 13:8

In the midst of acknowledging the moral ambiguity of our lives and times, that doesn't mean we're off the hook for making good, wise decisions. The scripture is clear that the key to those decisions is found in the heart of the law, namely, that we love one another. Even in those tricky situations we face each day, there's always a way to love better. So ask Jesus today to help you love, and thus find a freeing and joyful way of fulfilling the law as opposed to a rigid legalism. And to further you pondering and prayers, here's a great insight:

At first glance legalism seems hard, but actually freedom in Christ is the harder way.  It is relatively easy not to murder, hard to reach out in love; easy to avoid a neighbors bed, hard to keep a marriage alive; easy to pay taxes, hard to serve the poor. When living in freedom, I must remain open to the Spirit for guidance. I am more aware of what I have neglected than what I have achieved. I cannot hide behind a mask of behavior, like the hypocrites, nor can I hide behind facile comparisons with other Christians.
          - What's So Amazing About Grace, Philip Yancey