Jesus Understands

Matthew 20:22

“You don’t know what you are asking,” Jesus said to them. “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” “We can,” they answered.

Being fully human means that we must drink the suffering that is in our own cup.  It may seem overwhelming at times, and often we tend to avoid it. But Jesus tells us in this passage that He knows it is hard.  It is downright excruciating! Jesus seems to know that we will want to avoid the reality of our pain. We constantly try to step over or around it. But the only way forward is to sit down and drink.

Jesus did this for us. He traded in His royal status for earthly poverty. He often went without food. He knew what it felt like to be physically violated. He was often homeless and at the mercy of a handout. Some called Him crazy, and even His friends weren’t always faithful.

Jesus understands our suffering. We are not alone. Our King was a suffering servant. Our King, who was full of grace, never ever turned from the suffering. He took the cup of suffering and drank it for us.

What is in your cup? Is there a place where you are avoiding suffering? Can you look at it honestly with Jesus? Can you look to him as your example of how to be fully human? Take some time today and ask Jesus to help you drink the suffering that is in your own cup.