Imitating Mary, Like Jesus Did

God has lifted up the humble
- Luke 1:52

Blessed are the poor in spirit.
- Matthew 5:3

No other human being has ever been more intimate with Jesus than Mary. She carried him in her womb for nine months after all, not to mention breast feeding, kissing booboos, and bathing him. So as you read those two lines of scripture above think about this: Mary spoke that first line. Her son spoke that second line. Putting the two together helps give you a sense of where went for sources for his material, doesn’t it? Of course Jesus learned tons in life from his mother. How could he not? She was a godly mother who didn’t just teach him how to count but how to care.

There’s so much mystery around the incarnation - and plenty of it has to do with how human Jesus really was. There’s no indication from the scripture that he was any less human than any of the rest of us. And that means he needed a mom to care for him and teach him.

Thank God today for Mary and ask God to show you what you might learn from her, like Jesus did. To help, consider taking a few moments to ponder the image below.