How To Pray For Children Separated From Their Families

May he defend the afflicted among the people
    and save the children of the needy;
    may he crush the oppressor.
     - Psalm 72:4

King Solomon only wrote two of the prayers in the book of Psalms, and this is one of them. Interestingly, this line is actually NOT about asking God to save the children or to crush the oppressor. This line follows from the opening of the prayer which is for the king. It starts this way:

"Endow the king with your justice, O God..." (Ps 72:1)

The prayer then asks specifically that God would make the heart of the king a heart that cares for the children of the needy. Solomon is praying, "God make the king's heart one that will defend the afflicted, that will care for kids separated from their families, and that will not cater to powerful but instead will battle those who hurt the poor."

Of course, it is a good and biblical thing to pray for the children and families themselves who are facing poverty, injustice, separation, violence, and starvation. As this passage shows, it is also a good and biblical thing to pray for the political leaders of our world that God would change their hearts, that they would take on God's values of justice, peace and care for the needy.

Spend time praying this prayer over different world leaders today in places where God's kingdom needs to come, especially for the needy and for the children.