Get Authentic With A Friend

We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. 2 Corinthians 1:8-9

So often we think of those first followers of Jesus like they were pillars of strength and virtue, always joyful, always full of the Holy Spirit and power to work miracles, etc. But the bible paints a different picture. They were remarkably similar to us.

Paul is writing a letter to his friends in the town of Corinth and he can't help but get vulnerable about how he's had a tough time since he last saw them. In fact, he was downright depressed. It kind of sounds like he might have been suicidal. That's a tough season.

But did you notice what he did? He shared it with his friends. He let them in.

Who are the friends you can trust to really share your heart with (especially when your heart is messy, sad, angry or one of those other intense things)?  Why not reach out today in a letter, like Paul, or perhaps a text message to set up a coffee/beer date?