Freely Have You Received

Freely have you received. Freely give. - Matthew 10:8

There are many reasons we don’t give ourselves (our time, our energy, our money, our focus) away. The scripture is pretty clear that the biggest obstacle to us giving ourselves away is that we have not received enough. We haven’t allowed enough of God’s love, God’s provision, God’s care, God’s tenderness into our lives. There can be any number of reasons for that. But at the root, what’s happening in our lives is that we have limited experiences of being the beloved, we have not embraced our own true worth to God, and we lack the confidence and vision that come from deeply knowing who we really are.

Jesus, in Matthew 10:8, reminds us that we can only give what we have received. HERE is a short (silent) video of the image we experienced in the message on Sunday - of God’s love filling us up to overflowing. Take some time today and reflect on that video, asking God to fill you anew with love, with worth, with confidence, with vision so that you can pour yourself out for others today.