Don't Be a Mule

Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you. - Psalm 32:9

This past Sunday we talked about how badly Jesus wants us to listen to him. And yet, so often we refuse. Sometimes, we may say we want to hear from God, but what we really want is for God to be so clear about everything that it takes away all our options. That approach is not what God is after - God would prefer a relationship, a back and forth connection with us where not everything has to be force-fed to us.

In the verse above, God is lamenting that the people won’t make space in their lives to slow down and listen, to face the hard parts of life with God instead of trying to white-knuckle their way through it alone. It’s like we force God’s hand, requiring God to treat us like a horse that has to have it’s head turned by the reins because it won't go where its rider is trying to direct it.

In the Development Square (below) this often looks like trying to set up house in D1 instead of being willing to let Jesus take us around the square into a maturing relationship. So many times we resist because D2 (the phase of discouragement and hardship) naturally falls after D1 - so we pout and refuse to move forward, even though there’s no other way to truly grow.

Where are you resistant to change? Where are you forcing God’s hand to treat you like a horse with a bridle, instead of willingly trusting God’s lead? Talk with Jesus about these things.