Doing Good

Jesus went around doing good.
- Acts 10:38

One of the ways the early church talked about Jesus is that he was always up to good. Interestingly, they said he ‘went around’ doing good. It’s like he just wandered through the world causing kindness. It’s almost as if the primary characteristic of his ordinary life was that it included doing good. On the way to the well. Over breakfast. At a party. These places and more are specifically mentioned in the Bible as places where he did good.

Would people recognize you as someone who ‘went around doing good’? In the break room, on the freeway (!), or over coffee - that you’re just known for doing things that help people, that lift people, that make the world better.

“Goodness” is one of the fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5. Perhaps today you could pray for the courage and the grace to choose into goodness this day, not as an abstract idea, but as very real and practical actions that make the world bette.

p.s. Below is a post from someone in the Wrigley neighborhood from yesterday when a bunch of City Church folks were out in the rain picking up trash. What a great example of going around doing good!