As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it.
- Luke 19:41

Jesus was remarkably current with his emotions. He was able to express joy, anger, sadness, and a full range of other emotions. When he approaches Jerusalem, he’s overcome by how broken the city is, and how that brokenness is going to result in more pain for the people there. So what does he do?

Let’s first look at what he doesn’t do. He doesn't get angry (he resists the temptation to cover up his sadness with another less vulnerable emotion). He doesn’t suck it up and get on with the task at hand (he resists the temptation to repress his sadness). He doesn’t blame politicians or anyone else for that matter (he resists the temptation to project his emotions on others). He doesn’t feel guilty for not helping people more (he resists the temptation to take more responsibility than is actually his).

Jesus does the one thing that is appropriate (which the Bible often calls being ‘holy’. He’s current with his emotions. Therefore, because he’s sad, he weeps.

How good are you at being current with your grief?

Talk with Jesus now, asking him to help you be more like him in this area of life.