A Seat at the Table

All week, we’ve been talking about how the Kingdom of God breaks down the barriers and structures that we set up for ourselves. It doesn't just flip the pecking order, it actually breaks the pecking order down and replaces it with a Jesus-centric social structure. There is no more hierarchy. Only moving towards Jesus and towards each other. The playing field is leveled.

Toward the end of the teaching on Sunday, Chris pointed us to this quotation by Rachel Held Evans:

"What makes the gospel offensive is not who it keeps out but who it lets in."

The gospel is indeed offensive to our social orders and hierarchies. It calls the people at the top to humble themselves and tells the people at the bottom that they have a place at the table right alongside the humbled former rulers. Let’s rejoice in that this weekend! We are all welcome at Jesus’ table! Won’t you come celebrate that with us?